Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out on official assignment for the first time this year today in London at POP Britain for a visit to Reprezent 107.3. 

It’s the first time we’ve seen Meghan and Harry since Christmas when they joined the Queen and other senior royals at Sandringham. The two reportedly then spent New Year’s in the south of France. And now it’s back to work. Which is still kind of a novelty, that they’re already working together, even though it’s only been just over a month since the announcement of their engagement and it’s seen as unusual for Meghan to be on royal assignment before actually formally becoming a royal, in the eyes of God, at church, at the wedding. Which is now just over four months away. 

There have been conflicting reports about who will walk her down the aisle. Initially there were rumours that it would be her ma, Doria. Now, according to her half-sister, Samantha, their father Thomas will indeed be at the wedding. Samantha was interviewed in the UK this week and continues to speak to the media at every opportunity about Meghan and Harry and their relationship. This is the same sister who’s writing a book about Meghan called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister and tried to defend whether or not she’s “cashing in” on the association. 

Princess Pushy? 

Excuse me, but there’s only one Princess Pushy and that’s Princess Michael of Kent, the racist, or can we call her OfMichael now? 

Whether or not Samantha actually communicates with Meghan is debatable. Given how often she’s making headlines, I’m going to guess that Meghan doesn’t have much time for Samantha. But they do share a father and this is what’s tricky with relatives. Even George Clooney has a rogue aunt. Rogue relatives often complicate sh-t for celebrities. It gets even dirtier when it’s a royal situation. 

Here’s what it was like for Meghan and Harry at the radio station. Am I hearing an oncoming British accent?