Busy day for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Tuesday. They joined Her Majesty along with the other senior royals to commemorate the Royal Air Force centenary, followed by a reception at Buckingham Palace and then flew to Dublin for their first trip abroad as a married couple, kicking off a two-day tour in Ireland. Here’s a video that pretty much sums up what the schedule of a classic royal tour looks like: 


Right? It’s ringing bells, cutting ribbons, and smelling flowers. 

Note Meghan’s hand reaching behind to gently stroke Harry’s back at the end there. The Irish are getting the Signature Sussex Touch! They’re also getting multiple Royal Meghan wardrobe changes. Let’s start with the arrival outfit – a green Givenchy that’s really well done for a few reasons: the shade of green, green in honour of Ireland, but without being too on-the-nose like shamrock green and it travelled well, the material not affected by the flight, no wrinkles, and a good comfortable fit. 

This morning’s outfit, the grey Roland Mouret, worn to meet President Michael Higgins and his wife, however, is not my favourite. In fact, I hate it SO much. This is yet another boatneck which I’m not mad at. What I am mad at is the fact that a boatneck requires a strapless bra. And you can see the outline of the strapless bra!


This is never, ever, EVER a style win. In fact I would image it’s a stylist’s nightmare. It’s amateur hour. 

So it’s fortunate then that Meghan was only in that outfit for one stop. She changed into a black pantsuit for Croke Park. And she always, always looks amazing in a suit. It’s a nice comeback. You know what else is encouraging? The makeup is NOT a problem. The blending is not a problem today. This face. This glow. Why would you need all that sh-t when this is your face?! She’s CRAZY gorgeous:


I can’t stop with this face:


Neither, apparently, can Harry:


Until later tonight when the football is on.

No but seriously, is he going to want to avoid spoilers so he can watch back the recording after dinner when they return to their suite? Will he be sneaking trips to the bathroom for updates? 

More on Meghan’s Irish wardrobe in the next post.