Let’s start with the dress drama. I posted on Friday about Emilia Wickstead and how she threw shade at Meghan Markle’s wedding dress by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, suggesting that it was “identical” to a dress that she designed and criticised the fit of it on Meghan and Meghan’s hair on wedding day. It didn’t go well. A few hours after the comments, reported in the Daily Mail, went wide, this is what happened: 

They came for her. They came at her… hard. So yesterday she tried to make it right: 


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Note – that’s not a denial. She couldn’t claim that the quotes attributed to her were fake which means the Daily Mail probably has them on the record. Which is why she had to, in this post, pretty much go back on what she said in the first place: no one copied my designs, Meghan is beautiful, I love her, I love them. And, most importantly, please don’t trash my business. 

OK but, seriously, why was she talking to the DM in the first place?! Why was she talking at all?!? You keep that sh-t to your inner circle over drinks on Friday night! 

So what we have we learned here? You know how Beyoncé has her Hive? And the BeyHive stingers are always ready to defend the Queen? That was the inspiration for Saturday Night Live’s Beygency sketch. We are seeing now that Royal Meghan has her own army. What should we call it? 

In other Harry and Meghan news, TMZ is reporting that the Sussexes will be honeymooning in Alberta, Canada at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Apparently the resort has ordered some new gear that they don’t normally offer, at the request of the royal newlyweds. OK….so here’s the thing: 

The minute a location gets leaked, the chances of them showing up there are greatly reduced. Because of security and sh-t. That said, let’s also not forget what we learned from the wedding. NO ONE was talking about Clare Waight Keller and Givenchy doing the dress. Instead they let everyone think it would be Ralph & Russo and/or any number of other design houses and managed to keep Givenchy a big surprise. Last week everyone was thinking they would honeymoon in Namibia. Now we’re talking about Canada. According to TMZ they haven’t left yet. And we know they have to be back for June 9 and Trooping the Colour, which doesn’t give them a lot of time. For what it’s worth, I heard that Harry and Meghan left for their honeymoon last Thursday for Zambia and that Botswana is on the itinerary too. And that they want to then head for the coast, perhaps spend a few days in the Seychelles. Which means at this point, any and all fake-outs are possible and they might really just be in, like, Iceland.