I’m enjoying this today. A break from the Harvey f-cking Weinstein mess. Here’s a cat telling its owners to get that sh-t out of here. Which I’ve always wanted to do, only not with a water bottle but with something that breaks. Like for dramatic effect. But it’s also the expression on its face. Cats are already great at disdain but this one, in particular, has a PhD in disdain. I find it very satisfying. (Dlisted) 

There’s a rumour happening that Superman Henry Cavill wants to have a baby with his girlfriend. Superman did not do for Henry Cavill what Team Cavill wanted it to do for him. Henry Cavill is barely a household name. Will you care more about Henry Cavill if/when he becomes a father? I won’t. (Cele|bitchy) 

Right. There’s another Fifty Shades movie on the way. Fifty Shades has crested, right? No pun intended? I mean, nobody’s waiting around for that third movie, are they? Who’s waiting around for another book? One that’s written from Christian Grey’s perspective? If you’re out there, OMG guess what? A new book! (Pop Sugar) 

How Seth Meyers addressed the Harvey Weinstein story – by turning the floor over to the women on his show. And they’re making a bigger statement about harassment, beyond Hollywood, beyond Harvey. (Pajiba) 

First cats, now dogs – more relief for when you need a break from Harvey Weinstein coverge. And bonus, Prince Harry is there too! Prince Harry + puppies exactly when you need them. Prince Harry  + Meghan Markle engagement, however, is still TBC. Which I’m not mad at right now. Not the kind of news you want slotted in right now. Would you want that headline side-by-side with Harvey Weinstein? (TMZ) 

Who is to blame? Liz Meriwether calls herself a coward. But she also writes beautifully about why there really shouldn’t be any question about who ISN’T to blame. (The Cut)