This is the third Sussex post of the day because there are more photos now of Meghan Markle’s first time at Royal Ascot. As I mentioned in the first post, Prince Harry and Royal Meghan were assigned to present a trophy today. So here they are fulfilling their duty and looking pretty delighted about it. Except maybe when the jockey kissed Meghan’s hand. For sh-ts and giggles, let’s play Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless assumptions:


I’m focusing on Harry here. He does not look impressed. Check him out, kinda leaning back, all like… dude, are you seriously trying to cheeseball my wife in front of me right now? 


How firm do you think Harry’s grip was when this shot was taken? 


This third post was also necessary because they gave us some of their signature Sussex handholding: 


Like I said, back when they were engaged and before the wedding, the handholding has become a thing. The moment they stop handholding is the moment we’ll start to fret. The more I look at her fascinator though, the more I love it. The black and white is so crisp and fresh. The shape is so cute. But unfortunately it only highlights those makeup problems I mentioned earlier. The blending issues with her blush/bronzer situation. Too much, not good. The Queen was seen smiling broadly at Meghan today. I wonder if she might be sending word, through a page and four butlers, later on that she might want to take it down a bit.