I love that Prince Harry is close with Barack and Michelle Obama. The way I imagine it, they’re totally best friends and text each other all the time. This is probably not real life. But why can’t we just have this dream. I have more details about my dream in a minute, stand by.

Harry was in Chicago yesterday to speak at the first Obama Foundation Summit. He talked about youth engagement and how young people are setting examples in their communities every day, and how their commitment to change is the reason he can remain optimistic. And he pointed to his mother, Princess Diana, as his greatest inspiration and role model, crediting her with setting an example of how to make a difference in his position. 

In addition to appearing at the summer, Harry also joined Michelle Obama for a surprise visit to Hyde Park Academy:



See? Best friends! The Obamas and Harry are BFFs and if he marries Meghan Markle, they’ll totally be at the wedding and maybe Michelle will officiate and Barack will deliver the toast!

Before that, obviously, we need an announcement. Suits is still in production so it’s unlikely to happen until afterwards, perhaps after American Thanksgiving – if, that is, Harry’s already proposed. No one really even knows for sure if he’s proposed yet! Can we all please get a proposal for Christmas?