Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in Vancouver last night as they were at Rogers Arena to watch the Canucks win over the San Jose Sharks. Vancouver and Whistler will host the Invictus Games in 2025 so the Sussexes were in town to promote the event and participate in early preparations. It may also have been a sort of homecoming for them since they spent several weeks in British Columbia at the end of 2019 (OMG how the f-ck was that FOUR years ago?!?) and into the early part of 2020, as they made the momentous decision to step away from senior royal duties. 


This story is coming to you courtesy of my husband, Jacek, because he actually heard about it before I did. Jacek is from Vancouver, he has the Canucks on google alert, so this was in his feed first. And he’s also the one who told me that Quinn Hughes shared with the media afterwards that he and Tomas Hertl, who were taking the ceremonial faceoff, had to tell Harry to drop the puck, which is why Harry was laughing right after. Basically they told him to “do that hockey”. 


There’s some history here though, and perhaps it’s why Harry and Meghan were at this game in particular? Back in 2002, during a visit to British Columbia, Queen Elizabeth II also dropped the puck, and it was also a game between the Canucks and the Sharks. I imagine it was probably pretty special for Harry to be doing what his grandmother did two decades earlier. 

Harry and Meghan were coordinated in black for their appearance and they looked like they were having a great time. As you can imagine, there were a lot of cutaways, including this one after JT Miller’s insurance marker. 


And it was a surprise – not the goal, because Jacek says Miller’s been hot this season, but Harry and Meghan’s appearance. I say this because it’s the second Sussex surprise in less than a week. Meghan showed up at the Variety Power of Women event the other day which caught the British tabloids off-guard and I’m making a point of this because every day those outlets claim to have the inside track on the Sussexes’ and, well, when Harry and Meghan actually do step out they have no idea about it. This is one of the big reasons it’s a waste of time, at least to me, to write about what they’re writing about, because it’s meaningless. 


Instead, let’s do that hockey. Because it’s been a minute since I watched this sketch back and it’s just so, SO good.