Prince Harry was in Texas this weekend. The specific reason for his trip has not been revealed but he did show up at the rodeo, which is how everyone found out that he was in town. 


As some people have already pointed out on Twitter, with that colour scheme, Harry looks more Outback than cowboy there, but whatever, the story here is that he’s experiencing American culture. And now I want to know if Harry and Meghan watch Yellowstone, lol. It is, after all, the most-watched cable show. Nobody talks about it but a LOT of people watch it. I watch it, just started over the holidays a couple of months ago after Sasha’s incessant nagging. Only for whatever reason, Jacek and I f-cked up the menu options and started on season three instead of season one and just ended bingeing three and four without going back to get caught up. 

What kills me about Yellowstone is that it kills me – as in comedy. Every episode is good for at least one screaming hilarious moment and some of my favourites involve Luke Grimes’s character, Kayce and the wolf. As in Kayce Dutton is such a f-cking stud he will keep f-cking in the forest even when there’s a wolf like ten feet away. That’s a real man! Another dude on the show actually digs up the corpse of his mother to get a ring so he can propose to his girlfriend. That’s real romance! 

If you know, you know, and chances are some of you must know because as I said, no other show is getting Yellowstone ratings these days. Do you think Harry knows? 

Here’s Luke Grimes last night at the ACM Awards with his wife, Bianca Rodrigues, and co-star Kelsey Asbille.