Those seem to be the culture’s two key words over the last 24 hours: “not today”. Those were Prince Harry’s unofficial words yesterday, as he was at the London Marathon for yet another surprise appearance. As it was with Anzac Day service last week, Harry’s attendance was not confirmed in advance since, of course, he and Meghan Markle are waiting on their baby. Clearly there was no sign that Meghan would go into labour yesterday as he showed up to cheer on and congratulate the athletes. This is how it’s going to be every day until the baby arrives – every day the baby DOESN’T arrive there will be headlines about the baby not having arrived yet. “Not today” until it is. 

In other Harry and Meghan news, Idris Elba married Sabrina Dhowre this weekend in Marrakech. Idris was a guest at the royal wedding last year and in return on his wedding day he reportedly received a pretty special gift from House Sussex. According to the Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan sent Idris and Sabrina this print, valued at US$9,000:


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That’s the thing when you’re a royal or a celebrity – you can’t just send a gravy boat. (I didn’t grow up in a household that had a gravy boat and I only found out what they were when I was way into adulthood which is why they’re still my point of reference for wedding registry gifts.) Oprah, for example, as mentioned earlier, is good friends with Maria Shriver and attended Katherine Schwarzenegger’s bridal shower. Oprah is OPRAH. There’s a gift-giving pressure that comes with the profile. Oprah can’t just send over a cast iron pot, and neither can the Sussexes. And they also can’t just shove some cash into an envelope which is what I do, the Chinese way (also known as the best and easiest way, but for some reason, western people consider this low classy). What would happen though? How would those f-cking pearl-clutchy assholes react at one of these aristocratic titled weddings if someone actually did that?