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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced yesterday that they’ll be going on tour in the fall. It’ll be the official end of Royal Meghan’s maternity leave but, clearly, she’s been doing work behind the scenes since giving birth to Archie Harrison Windsor-Mountbatten last month as we know she’s guest-editing the September issue of British Vogue and there’s a photo shoot happening soon for the issue, in addition to whatever logistical planning and consultation was required for this tour. 


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We’ve heard many times of Harry’s attachment to Africa, how he took Meghan to Botswana when they first started dating. You know what we don’t yet know? What’s never been confirmed? Where they went on their honeymoon. There was all kinds of speculation, from Canada to Ireland to Namibia, but never an official locked-down destination. I wonder, though, on this tour, if it was a country in Africa, whether or not they might get to that country and finally surprise-reveal what they’ve been hoarding. Beyoncé would approve. 

This will be Harry and Meghan’s first tour as a family with Archie. Which means that Archie’s first tour will be to Southern Africa. Needless to say, there is significance here, a deeper meaning, an intentional one that won’t be lost on the communities the Sussexes will be visiting on their trip. 

Exact dates have yet to be released but it’s clear from what they’ve announced so far that Harry will be carrying out some of the duties on his own since Archie is still so young. Is that the next time we’ll see Archie? Well the christening is coming up. It’s reportedly happening in July at Windsor but House Sussex has yet to confirm a date. They’ll likely release portraits though so we’ll probably get a better shot of him then, with his parents and grandparents, but probably not the Queen as, according to reports, she has prior commitments. This is not unusual. Her Majesty wasn’t at Prince Louis’ christening last year either but I look forward to the British papers forgetting that and turning it into an imagined slight.  


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