Dear Gossips, 

For many students across North America, now that Labour Day weekend is over, today is the first day of school. When I was in school, this time of year always represented a fresh start. Which is also what you could stay about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 


It was announced yesterday that the Sussexes have repaid the Sovereign Grant for renovations on Frogmore Cottage, their London home, estimated to be about US$3 million. They had initially promised that the payments would be made in installments. That was before their Netflix deal – and while financials have not been officially revealed, it’s been reported that the deal is worth around $100 million, maybe even as much as $150 million. Last week, when I posted about the Sussexes partnership with Netflix, I wrote that “this will take care of the new mortgage”. Multiple mortgages, it turns out!

In addition to repaying the Sovereign Grant, there’s also word that Harry and Meghan are no longer being financially supported by Prince Charles. So, less than a year after their decision to step down as senior members of the British royal family, they are indeed becoming more and more independent. Which is why the British tabloids are so pressed. That was one of the go-to criticisms of the Sussexes: give us back our money! And now that they have, the narrative now is like… oh, sh-t, they were serious and what the f-ck are we going to lord over them going forward? Oh don’t worry, they’ll find something. 

In the meantime, the money mic drop – which royal tabloid insiders did not seem to see coming, another reason they’re so pissed – is exactly the kind of energy the Sussexes are bringing into this new season. Clean cuts, fresh outlook. Just in time for Harry’s birthday next week. More on the Sussexes to come. 

Yours in gossip,