Dear Gossips, 

Here are more photos, as promised, of Prince Harry and Royal Meghan at the Commonwealth Youth Challenge yesterday. Last week, when they joined Her Majesty at The Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, you’ll recall there was some talk about the handholding. Harry and Meghan are always holding hands. It’s their default. And there was a moment when, on instinct, Meghan seemed to reach for Harry who caught himself at the last moment, realising that he was walking behind his grandmother, the monarch: 

That clip KILLS me, it’s so f-cking cute. This is what it looks like when thirty-five years of training kicks in. No but seriously – what’s the worst that could happen? 

Anyway, Harry and Meghan were back to handholding yesterday, no problem. It’s all good when gran’s not around: 


More important than the handholding though…

A better show of the Best Dressed from yesterday’s event. You’ll recall, we were only able to see them from behind – balling in a pink jacket with excellent hair and a statement earring, 100% the power accessory of the year. And, as expected, the view from the front is even better. THOSE NAILS!

The jacket is actually a bomber in the back and a blazer in the front. Over black and white striped pants that work as a neutral to anchor the exclamation points that complete the rest of the outfit. Serving it! And serving it on an occasion where, let’s be honest, it would have been extra intimidating to “be yourself”, to not mute what it is that makes you uniquely you. But if the theme of the occasion was to celebrate diversity and amplify diverse voices, this was exactly the point – and on point. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,