It’s the first day of June 2021, Pride Month, and also a big month ahead for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So while we’re in this brief moment of calm, let’s look ahead to what we might expect from House Sussex in the weeks to come. 


Meghan Markle’s first children’s book, The Bench, will be released exactly a week from now. So it’ll be interesting over the next seven days to see what the publicity plans are, whether or not she’ll do interviews, whether or not there will be select magazine profiles. Or not. She could go light on press although I can’t imagine the publisher would want that. The whole point is to sell books – and Meghan is the prime selling feature. So that’s one thing to keep an eye on.

Four days after that is Trooping the Colour. There was no Trooping last year because of the pandemic and this year won’t be a return to what Trooping typically looks like but there’s word that it also won’t be as disappeared as it was in 2020. There’s been speculation that some sort of event is being planned at Windsor Castle and some are wondering who will be involved. Will Prince Harry return to England for Trooping? It is highly, highly unlikely. 


He is, however, expected to be in London for the July 1 Diana memorial statue unveiling at the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace. That’s the day everyone will have eyeballs lasered in because it’s both Harry and Prince William coming together to honour their mother. And, well, we’ve all heard the talk about what their relationship is now – and that’s over and above the stories making headlines about Diana the last few weeks. 

Then, on top of all that, Meghan and Harry are expecting their second child at some point this summer. So I can’t imagine that Harry will be staying long in London for the Diana memorial. It hasn’t been specified exactly when the baby is due but seeing as though she’s on her way for sure in the next few weeks, there’s no way he’ll want to be apart from his family for long. And, of course, when their daughter arrives, we’ll be seeing all kinds of headlines to announce the birth and her name. 

Sussex Summer, be ready!