I don’t know how it seemed outside of Toronto, but here in Toronto, the Invictus Games felt like a huge success. Something positive to focus on amidst the relentless sh-t that’s been 2017. And an example to look to and at. Prince Harry does not like to take too much credit for the Invictus Games. But over the last few years, it’s undeniable that the Invictus Games has been so much of a focus of his work. And his commitment to the athletes, their courage, and their messages is one of the reasons why he is consistently voted the most popular member of his family. Harry has been doing the work and showing his work. And one of the benefits of showing your work, even if it’s not intended to be that way is that, as  Duana says often on Show Your Work, when you show your work, you accumulate the capital.

The Invictus Games closing ceremony happened in Toronto on Saturday night with performances by Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, and Kelly Clarkson. The closing ceremony is not as formal as the opening ceremony. Meghan Markle watched the show from a private suite. Harry went up to join her after delivering his remarks. As you’ve heard by now, they were openly affectionate. THEY KISSED! And, perhaps more significantly, Meghan’s ma, Doria, was there.

We’ve known about Harry meeting Doria for some time now. She’s based in California and was seen in London with Meghan late in the summer. There were all kinds of rumours following Meghan and Harry’s trip to Africa that that’s where they got engaged. But what if… they got engaged in London and that’s why Doria was in town?

Engagement or not, the Invictus Games are a major priority in Harry’s life and the fact that Doria was there to share it with him is a big sign that she’s not only close, but that she’s important. Because Meghan is important. Consider too the similarities here with his brother, Prince William, and the relationship he has with the Middletons. As we’ve seen over the years, William spends just as much time, if not more, with Kate’s family than he does and has with the royal side. Over and over again we’ve heard about how comfortable Will feels with them, how safe it is for him when he’s in Bucklebury. Also, Kate’s closeness with her family is one of the reasons why many say she’s succeeded in her role. Diana struggled in isolation. Kate’s support system is always close by. And I wonder, having observed that example, if Harry’s creating the same situation.

Harry and Meghan kissing was a big headline in the UK over the weekend. So far, they haven’t started judging them yet. But there are some royal experts who are real tight asses for protocol and procedure. And it’ll be interesting to see if those pearl-clutchers will start whinging about whether or not this was appropriate and what it all means.

What it means, if it isn’t obvious yet, is that Harry has been selective about what “rules” to follow and when. He’s already stepped outside of standard royal operating procedure several times where Meghan is concerned. So at this point, it’s harder and harder to predict when SOMETHING might be announced and how it will be announced and what has to happen, if anything, before it gets announced. That said, we do know that Suits is still in production and will be for at least another 6 weeks. Presumably she won’t be able to spend an extended amount of time in England before the season wraps. Presumably. She could very well fly over to London for a weekend and drop the news and be back at work by Monday if they wanted to. That’s partly why this has been so fun. Harry and Meghan seem to be redefining expectations in an environment that has, traditionally, left little room for spontaneity. And Harry’s been able to get away with it. Because of all of that capital.