Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out for their first public in-person engagement this week in Los Angeles since the early part of the pandemic volunteering with Baby2Baby at Knox Elementary School to hand out school supplies and other family items ahead of students going back to school. When Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor was born last year, Baby2Baby was one of four charities supported by the Sussexes to celebrate the birth of their first child. Here’s a full carousel of photos from their visit: 


As you can see, Harry and Meghan were masked and gloved, interacted with kids and parents, and … coordinated their outfits, lol. 

Speaking of outfits though, please note – they’re wearing shorts. 

Well, yeah, it’s hot as f-ck in LA and it’s summer, why wouldn’t they be wearing shorts. Right. But wearing shorts for an engagement is not “royal protocol”. It’s against the fusty rules of being a tight-ass, like whatever hosiery and nail polish guidelines they have to observe or not observe. Harry and Meghan can wear their shorts now, and their old sneakers if they want to, ha. They found freedom! LOL, I’ll see myself out. 


While this was their first in-person appearance in months, the Sussexes were virtually active this week. They showed up together for a meeting with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust the other day to talk about digital and social media reform. And Meghan spoke at the When We All Vote #CouchParty: 

As someone pointed out on Twitter, there was a cute exchange between them during the chat with the QCT when Harry talked about getting old and Meghan affectionately chided him, again:

It’s a candid moment, a little insight into their dynamic. And another example of one of their strengths: their ability to be casual, which reads accessible, shortening the perceived distance between them and the people they’re trying to reach.