I posted yesterday about Meghan Markle at the launch of Together, the cookbook, joined by her ma, Doria Ragland, and Prince Harry. By all accounts the event was a major success. The book is already a bestseller. Royal Meghan’s off to a great start with what she called her “first project”. And of course Harry is the proudest. 

What we didn’t get to yesterday were the other cute moments between the Sussexes. I haven’t seen many shots of the signature Sussex handholding but there was this:


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Royal couple hair touching! And he rested his chin on her shoulder. It’s the kind of affection we don’t see often from people in his family. But, as it’s been from the beginning, Harry’s the one who’s most like his mother in the way he expresses his emotions, not bound by any fusty expectations of how one is supposed to act around their spouses in public. 

He also, of course, has always shown us that he’s inherited his mother’s playfulness: 

I love that smile there at the end when he realizes he’s been busted. That’s where Harry is most effective – because he allows himself to have a good time and to look like he’s having a good time. 

The last time Harry and Royal Meghan stepped out, it was a couple of weeks ago at the 100 Days to Peace concert and we were talking about her gossipy dress. Was it the dress or is she… ? As I noted in that post, we should find out soon enough because the Invictus Games are a month away. They’re scheduled to arrive in Sydney on October 16. There are Zika advisories on some of the destinations of this tour. So far, the itinerary hasn’t changed. If it doesn’t change, and the Duchess is in Fiji, there’s your answer. If it does change and she skips Fiji….well….