Dear Gossips, 

The royal engagement excitement isn’t over yet. The way they do things over at the palace, it’s almost like a TV series. Yesterday was just the pilot episode. We still have to find out when the wedding is happening and where and at some point we’ll get to see the engagement portraits. And, from there, we continue to build anticipation until we get to the actual day of the wedding. 

For today’s episode then, we should be hearing about a wedding month and a wedding location. Yesterday, in the official announcement, it was only confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would marry in the Spring. That’s anywhere between March 21 and June 21. Prince William and Catherine are expecting their third child in April. So, likely, the wedding would be after that. When Will and Kate got married, it was a Friday, and a bank holiday was declared so that the people could celebrate along with the future king and queen. Yesterday the British government declared that there were “no plans” for a bank holiday for Harry and Meghan’s wedding because there was no precedent for it. Harry, after all, is not immediate heir to the throne. And not that close to immediate anymore anyway. 

It doesn’t necessarily give any indication about whether or not the wedding will be in London though. A London wedding immediately tells us that it’ll be a spectacle, with all the attendant pomp and circumstance that the royal family is famous for. Some are hoping that Harry will marry at St Paul’s Cathedral, where his parents were married. Still others have told me that if Harry gets his way, it’ll happen in Windsor, at St George’s Chapel. Which means the wedding will be more intimate. Yesterday, coincidentally, we had Darren McGrady on The Social. He was the former personal chef to Queen Elizabeth and was Princess Diana’s personal chef for four years before she died. Darren’s thinking it will be St George’s Chapel. And he predicted that it would be after the Royal Windsor Horse Show which is May 9 – 13. If it is in Windsor then, it’s the back half of May or early June, but well ahead of Trooping The Colour on June 9 and Prince Philip’s birthday on June 10th. If it’s in London, May seems relatively open. And the June dates still apply. Probably earlier in June rather than later to give all the performers and horse riders and carriage pullers, etc, some time to recover before Trooping The Colour which is a spectacle in and of itself. 

The point is… yesterday isn’t over. The best thing that’s happened to us is still happening to us. 

I promise you, we will have a lot more to talk about throughout the day so check back often. 

Yours in gossip,