Dear Gossips, 

No surprise that the news about Prince Harry’s memoir is a major fixation for the UK tabloids. And no surprise that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year is coming up by association. As this tweet suggests…


Harry’s attendance at the Jubilee is now being treated like some kind of incentive and not allowing him to be there is apparently some kind of punishment for him. OK, but is it? 

If they’re saying that Harry’s memoir is scorching the earth and blowing sh-t up, doesn’t that mean that, well, he’s blowing sh-t up? Why would someone who wants to blow sh-t up also want to go to the Jubilee, lol? Has it occurred to anyone that the Jubilee invitation isn’t the golden ticket he’s been desperately checking his inbox for? 


And we don’t even know yet if what they’re accusing him of is actually the intention! UK sources – aka the courtiers – may be all in on the assumption that Harry’s book will essentially trash-talk the British royal family over 400 pages, or less, but as I wrote yesterday in my post about the memoir, there’s actually a lot of content he can cover about himself, independent of the family, without going deep into the recent drama. At least not in this book. Leave some for season two! And three! (Or seven and eight of The Crown, coming to you in 2030 on Netflix.)

But if we’re on the subject of not inviting people to the Jubilee – does Prince Andrew get to go? Because… 

Yours in gossip,