So there’s the book, Spare, which comes out on Tuesday, and then there’s the promotion for the book and earlier this week we learned that Prince Harry will be featured on Sunday on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and in a 90 minute special on ITV in the UK with Tom Bradby. A new clip from Harry’s interview with Tom was released today where he pressed on why he wrote the book, why he shared so many personal stories in the book, and how he responds to those accusing him of trying to take down his family. 


Harry’s rationale here is consistent with what he said in the Netflix docuseries and what he told Oprah in 2021 and basically any time he says anything in public – that he feels compelled to tell the truth because the tabloids have been, for years, spreading disinformation about him and his wife, and that this campaign of lies has been encouraged and even assisted by the British royal family. 

And his position on why he’s blowing this open is that he doesn’t think there can be healing until all these hurts and grievances are acknowledged. “I don’t know how staying silent is ever going to make things better”. He repeats that point in a new interview that was just announced this morning. Next Monday, right after his appearances on 60 Minutes and ITV, Good Morning America will air his interview with Michael Strahan. A preview was released today in which Harry says, “I don’t think we can have peace with my family unless the truth is out there”. 


Part of the truth, I guess, is that Prince William is his “beloved brother and archnemesis”. So we just found out that William attacked him and now William is his archnemesis… and the Heir who may have been jealous of the Spare…

From a television production perspective, yes, that’s exactly how you cut a teaser. Because now we all want to know the answer to that f-cking question. I felt the spirit of Barbara Walters in that question! Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos wanted to ask that question! This isn’t just spilling tea. This is a tea tsunami. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the tea. I want all the tea. But to go back to my previous post today, the purpose of the book was not supposed to be about the tea. Or, rather, it was supposed to be a healing tea. Those who read Spare in its entirety, of course, will have the opportunity to internalise that message. Right now though, most of the people aren’t drinking the healing tea. The daily blend is petty and scandal, and that’s the infusion that is dominating the culture. Can Harry’s message of healing emerge from all of this gossip when the book comes out?