Prince Louis is celebrating his first birthday tomorrow – and to celebrate the milestone, Prince William and Catherine have released three new photos of him taken by Kate herself, as it was with Louis’ big brother Big G and his big sister, Charlotte. The images show Louis at the Cambridge home in Norfolk – and the little guy has GREAT sweater game. I particularly enjoy the blue one with the dog across the front:


Look at those two little bottom front teeth! Look at those pudgy hands (in the other shots)!

Actually, look at his whole face. He looks EXACTLY like Big G. If you showed me these pictures without telling me they were of Louis, I would have thought that I was looking at old baby photos of Future King George. Actually, upon further inspection, he is a combination of Big G and Charlotte. Blend their features and Louis comes out. Imagine the three of them as they get older, how similar they are going to look, standing side by side by side. They all have the same smiles. That’s going to be a money shot in the future – the three Cambridge heirs, dressed in their school clothes or outfits equally adorable, rosy, chubby cheeks smiling wide with delight. 

For now though, Prince Louis is the front page story. He’s going to be the face looking back at everyone in England in the morning papers on his birthday. And he’ll probably be all over social media tonight and tomorrow too.  

Anyway, I’m going to end this post the way I end most of my royal Cambridge baby posts – with a question: WHERE IS LUPO? Is Lupo the Ghost of Game of (British) Thrones?