Prince Louis, who I call Trey, was born a week ago yesterday. Just making sure… you all are calling him Louis like “Lew-eeee”, right? And not “Lew-iss? This is a post about what to call people. 

Trey’s birth certificate has been released. It is similar to his sister’s and his brother’s. Before we get to Trey’s document, let’s revisit Big G’s:


As you know, I call Catherine Cambridge “Princess Kate” and people yell at me all the time because she’s the Duchess of Cambridge. And that’s how she’s been styled. But, as I wrote back in 2013 when Big G was born, she’s also a Princess of the United Kingdom. And technically Meghan Markle will likely be a princess too – Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales and Duchess of Somethingsomething-ford/shire/ex. 

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, I hate the word “duchess” and I can’t explain why. It’s a stupid word. Also it’s a pain in the ass. Because we haven’t stopped calling Prince William “Prince William”. It’s more common to say Prince William than the Duke of Cambridge. Prince William and Princess Kate? Way easier than Prince William and Duchess Kate. It’ll be the same with Prince Harry. When the Queen bestows the new title on Harry and Meghan, we’re not going to be calling Prince Harry “Harry, the Duke of Whatever”. He’s still going to be Prince Harry. And when he gets married it’s going to be Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan the way it’s Prince Harry and Duchess Kate. Which … automatically puts her in the inferior. 

I’m sticking with Princess then. Keep yelling at me.