I know 2018 is long gone but there’s one piece of business that needs our attention: Dlisted Hot Slut of 2018 is down to the final three and … I’m torn. I’m torn between Mary Halsey, aka Missy Elliott’s “funky white sister” and Super Bitch because, first of all those pink boots, and second the moves that are performed in those pink boots, and third… that drop from the ROOF! You might have missed Super Bitch because this only went viral at the end of the year. If that’s the case, please improve your 2019 immediately and get to know this superstar, Super Bitch. See? This vote is SO HARD. (Dlisted) 

How do you feel about chocolate? Here’s an article that is telling chocolate to f-ck itself which… I mean sometimes I agree. But only if it’s dark chocolate. Dark chocolate should go f-ck itself. What? Are you that person? A dark chocolate person? Dark chocolate people always have to be all judgy about how dark chocolate is the right chocolate, and is better for you. Why is “better for you” even a consideration where chocolate is concerned?!? (Pajiba) 

Everyone is relieved that Prince Philip is totally fine after that car accident yesterday. He went to the hospital for tests today as a precaution but no worries, it’s all good. So good that… he already has a new car. Which means he plans on driving it. Some people have been asking if there’s any more gossip about the situation. Like what? This the only gossip: 97 year old prince insists it’s still safe for him to be on the road and, clearly, no one can tell him any different. Not even the monarch. (TMZ) 

Emily Blunt’s grey at the Golden Globes was dull and boring AF. Saoirse Ronan is avenging grey though with this head-to-toe grey outfit that is not dull at all. It’s perfect. The sweater slouches perfectly, those pants fit perfectly, and that’s a perfectly bold shoe choice. Grey is thankful. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’m not sure what, exactly, Tom Hiddleston is promoting but he was at BBC Radio 2 today in a pea coat and looks good. From certain angles. At the back, the hair’s looking a little too puffy for my taste. (Cele|bitchy) 

Really, really great interview with Dan Levy for Vulture by, who else, E Alex Jung. (Vulture)