Dear Gossips, 

There was a ruling yesterday in England about Prince Philip’s will: 


So the public won’t know who Prince Philip bequeathed his assets to and how much his family and his loved ones received. It makes sense. The British royals are often rather opaque about their wealth. And apparently Prince Philip had accumulated considerable wealth. As to the matter of protecting the Queen’s “dignity” though… 

Interesting that “dignity” is cited as a priority here because, well, that’s not the word I would use to describe what’s happening with her second, and supposedly favourite, son. It is not dignified to be friends with a now-dead rapist pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and his alleged sex trafficker accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell. And it is certainly not dignified to be sued for sexual assault by one of their alleged victims and then squirreling back and forth between England and Scotland to avoid being served.  



That said, if the Queen’s dignity is paramount, and of course it is, the whole purpose of the royal institution is to maintain the royal institution, then what lengths will they go to, where Andrew is concerned, to protect the Queen’s dignity? 

According to Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast, it’s possible that Andrew may “pay his way” out of this lawsuit. His lawyers have a week to challenge the High Court’s decision to serve him after Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s legal used the Hague Service Convention to make it happen. But every time there’s a challenge and a counter challenge, there’s also a new headline, which keeps the heat on Andrew as the public is reminded that, oh yeah, the Queen’s son is being accused of raping a then-17 year old girl. Dignity indeed!

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