HELLO! reported yesterday that Prince William and Catherine are launching what looks like a mobile app to promote mental health awareness and support called HEADFIT. They’ve now trademarked the word and it seems like it’s a natural extension of their Heads Together initiative, which of course they were (still are?) involved in with Prince Harry. 

Um, speaking of Prince Harry though, it turns out that it was Harry who was first associated with HEADFIT back in October 2019. 

So at some point, Harry was clearly involved in HEADFIT, perhaps even spearheading it. Have Will and Kate taken it over? Or is this a straight up poach? Is this the second royal poach of the week

Back in 2009, William and Harry kicked off The Royal Foundation. When Will married Kate, she became a partner. The same happened with Harry married Meghan Markle. Remember this in happier times? 


That was February 2018 at the First Annual Royal Foundation Forum just a couple of months before Harry and Meghan’s wedding and of course well before the separation of the Cambridge and Sussex households. When that happened, Will and Kate assumed sole responsibility for The Royal Foundation as it was announced that Harry and Meghan would launch an independent philanthropic arm of House Sussex. 

It was thought, though, that both houses would continue to collaborate on Heads Together which would have explained Harry’s presence at the HEADFIT announcement in October. He clearly had a leadership role in its inception. But HEADFIT is now registered under The Royal Foundation. Which means… Harry may not have a part in something he started. 

And if that’s the case, then was he asked to give it up in the divorce? Is that how ugly it got, to the point where they were tug-of-warring over charitable causes? What does it sound like when a British royal screams “MINE!”? It is more classy or is it just as bratty? 

Maybe that’s not how it went down. Maybe, for now, since the Sussexes are still working out their plans and haven’t quite established their new foundation and how it’ll work, it’s just easier for The Royal Foundation to move the project forward, so as not to delay critical mental health resources? And eventually, when Harry and Meghan are ready to get going on Archewell, HEADFIT will be a shared project? 

Is that the optimistic energy we should be taking into the weekend?