The Cambridges, William, Catherine, Big G, Charlotte, and Louis stepped out for the first time as a five piece today for Trey’s christening. The Queen and Prince Philip couldn’t make it because they already have other commitments this week and, given their age, it was likely thought best that they conserve their energy. Besides, we’ve seen, more and more, that Her Majesty is securing Prince Charles’s position as head of the family. He was there as Windsor Boss. That said, it’ll probably be something Big G lords over his little brother for their entire lives. The Queen was at MY christening and skipped yours, because I’m #1 and you’re #3. 

To be fair, Big G was actually pretty low key today. Here they all are, arriving for the ceremony: 

Is it strategic or protocol, which side of their father the royal siblings stand on? I don’t think there’s any protocol here. When William arrived with Big G and Charlotte to the hospital when Trey was born, she was on his left and G was on his right, the opposite of what we saw today. Being on William’s right, on both days though, upon arrival, is better camera positioning. And Charlotte was switched to Will’s left side, the better camera side, while they were leaving. Coincidence or conspiracy? Charlotte after all, at least lately, has been a more cooperative performer, with her cute little waves, and today she showed off her handshake. Excellent handshake. You know what I fixated on? Because I’m the one who’s afraid of people and their children? Those fingers in her mouth. Kids are GERMS! This is what happens! Kids bring their germs home and parents take those germs to work and I get sick!

But back to the original point – wondering if G’s going through a shy phase so they’re purposefully putting him in lower spotlight positions while he gets through this current mood? Pretty soon it’ll be Charlotte who doesn’t like waving for the cameras anymore. Or for a year or two. And then Trey Louis gets to step up for some of that shine. 

Babies are instant attention magnets. Everybody loves babies. Everybody loves THESE babies in particular, what with all their royal titles. And the Cambridges have delivered three of them, ensuring all kinds of positive attention for at least another decade. THAT is part of the job, the biggest part of the job. Just in case anyone out there is still under any misapprehension that Will and Kate aren’t working enough. Building the Cambridge Five IS the work.