Prince William and Catherine visited the Lake District today, where Kate used to go on holiday with her family when she was a kid, meeting with local farmers for some sheep shearing, hanging out with the mountain rescue service, and spending time with youth mental health advocates. There was a cute moment between Kate and a little girl that was captured on camera during the walkabout. I like the spontaneity of it. That kid doesn’t give a sh-t that she’s talking to the future Queen, sticking her leg out in Kate’s direction, and you can see Kate grabbing onto her chunky foot. I like kids’ feet. They’re like buns. 


As for this moment between Kate and a pack of dogs…


You know what I’m going to say: WHERE’S LUPO!?! 

As you can see, Will and Kate were dressed casually, by their standards. I’m always into it when Kate wears those hikers. They look great on her. This jacket looks great on her. I love the ruff collar that’s peeking up from above her sweater. I just, as usual, wish she’d try something different with her hair. This is such a dated ponytail, especially the slight volume up top, the way it’s been lightly teased so as not to lie flat against her scalp. What do people have against pulling their hair tight, sleek to the head?