Prince William and Catherine Cambridge stepped out for the second time this week today for St Patrick’s Day, joining the Irish Guards in London for the parade, which is the first time in two years they’ve been able to mark the occasion. As you can see, Kate pulled out her gold shamrock brooch, fastened on the left side of her Laura Green coat. It’s a perfect coat for the occasion and it looks perfect on her. She’s always done well with this military style long length, especially when it’s belted and worn almost like it’s a dress. 


Earlier in the week, Will and Kate attended Commonwealth Day events, a major priority for the Queen and the British royal family. Buckingham Palace, however, announced a couple of days before that the Queen would not be participating. Apparently she’s having mobility issues – she’s about to turn 96 years old, and there’s been speculation that she uses a wheelchair now and didn’t want to be seen in one. Sources who are coming forward with this information are suggesting that this is her decision, that she’s the one who has “ruled out the option of using a wheelchair” and prefers to be seen on her feet, and since she’s frail right now, the preference would be that she skip some of her appearances. 

All of this, of course, is happening just a month after her COVID diagnosis, which happened just weeks after Prince Charles and Camilla tested positive for COVID, and they’d spent time with her beforehand. I’m not saying there’s a connection – my point here is that even though many parts of the world are opening up and dropping restrictions, the elderly are still vulnerable, even the elderly Queen who, during her Platinum Jubilee has had to reassess her schedule. And this was supposed to be the year of Jubilee-palooza, Jubilee everywhere in our faces. 


For the other senior members of the British royal family then, their presence and getting their faces out in public becomes even more important. They are representing Her Majesty, showing up in her stead, and trying to maintain whatever excitement and enthusiasm there still remains for their institution…all while questions about the institution become louder, especially given the Queen’s health condition. They’ve never been transparent about these issues though, as we know, and their go-to move, always, is to divert and distract. That’s one of Will and Kate’s jobs, as they’re about to head off on their Caribbean tour this weekend. Let’s see what kind of a show they put on.