Royal Easter absences

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Several members of the royal family joined Queen Elizabeth for Easter Sunday yesterday in Windsor but there were a few notable absences. Prince Philip missed his third royal outing in 10 days due to a bad hip. And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weren’t there either. We’ll get to them in a minute. Let’s start with the Cambridges. 

Prince William and Catherine were the last to arrive at the service at St George’s Chapel yesterday. It was thought that we wouldn’t be seeing Kate after her last public engagement until after she gives birth later this month. I’m told that she and the kids spent the week in Bucklebury with her parents but William didn’t join them until well into the weekend. Big G and Charlotte were not at church yesterday so, presumably, they stayed back with the Middletons fighting over Easter eggs. 

As for Harry and Meghan, they’re scheduled to be in Bath for an Invictus commitment this coming Friday. And the week after that is CHOGM, where they’re expected to make an appearance as the UK is hosting the Commonwealth Heads is Government. After that it’ll be inside a month to the wedding. So, looking ahead, they don’t have too many free weekends. Easter weekend was probably the lightest weekend on the books before we move into the final stages of wedding preparation and frenzy. And, of course, Windsor, St George’s, is where Meghan and Harry are getting married. It’s also possible that they weren’t there for Easter because they’re saving it, saving it so that the first time they’re seen there together is on THAT day. 

In other Meghan Markle news, Andrew Morton wrote a book about her that will conveniently be released in the lead-up to the wedding. Excerpts are being published in the UK papers and, of course, all the details are coming from rogue members of her family, like that sister and the ex-friend who keep spilling the tea in the media and also her brother, suggesting that Meghan is a social climber who left her ex-husband as soon as she moved on to bigger and better and was obsessed with Princess Diana and the royal family from when she was a kid and would stop at nothing to get her hands on Harry. Which very well could be true. It was true of Kate Middleton who changed schools for a shot at being on the same campus as Prince William. Because it’s true of me too. And probably you. The minute it was appropriate to start looking at Will and Harry like men and no longer boys, every girl in the world started scripting their own fairy tale fantasy. Like if you were in a position to meet Prince Harry, are you telling me you’d be like, nah, I’m good, I’ll pass, because I feel like he should find someone who will go into that relationship with no expectations of who he is, and what that life would look like....? Does that person even exist? Yes, actually. And they didn’t want it. Before Meghan, and after Chelsy Davy, Harry had spoken about what it’s like to date him, what it would require of a person, the kind of person who’d willingly and happily take on, and perhaps even seek, the spotlight. On some level then, I wonder if Harry knows better than anyone else what he’s found in Meghan Markle. 

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