So far on their tour of Pakistan, Prince William and Catherine have leaned in hard to the Princess Diana nostalgia which was expected, as Diana made several trips there and was very well received. Several of Kate’s outfits so far on the trip have been subtle or not-so-subtle tributes to her mother-in-law and today, while visiting the mountains in Chitral in northern Pakistan, the Cambridges were presented with coats and a Chitrali hat, which Diana was also gifted with when she was there in 1991. 


Later Will and Kate spent time with the Kalash people and Kate was given a traditional headdress as the couple learned about Kalash culture and heritage: 


The pictures on this tour so far, as you can see, are spectacular: 



And this is one of the goals of a royal tour – to showcase the beauty and the diversity and the potential of the places they’re visiting. Which should please William as he’s been known to worry about coverage and specifically how much of it he’s getting. You’ll recall in Robert Jobson’s Prince Charles biography released last year to mark his 70th birthday, Will was described as being “extremely competitive with members of his family when it comes to media coverage — although he gives the impression it doesn’t concern him”.

There’s no competition here. He and Kate are dominating the headlines. And the headlines have been across the board positive from the British press, even as he called for more action on the environment after being shown how much the Chiatibo Glacier had melted. This isn’t the first time Will has addressed climate change. He was in Davos in January with Sir David Attenborough taking world leaders “to task” for not doing enough to save the planet. You know what I’m going to say next, right? Nobody’s yelled at House Cambridge for flying on private jets on holiday (which they do) and blasted them on the front page for being hypocrites. Wonder why.