House Cambridge on St Patrick’s Day

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Prince William and Catherine, per tradition, stepped out for the Irish Guards St Patrick’s Day parade yesterday in Hounslow. Kate wore green Alexander McQueen and her brooch is Cartier, a piece that belonged to the Queen Mother.

Throughout the day, Will and Kate met with service members and showed up to the guardsman’s lunch, where they toasted with a pint of Guinness each, even though there’s a new rumour about Kate being pregnant again. Apparently at an event recently she saw a baby and told the mother that it made her feel “broody”. That was before the Guinness happened. Last year, when she was pregnant with Louis the Trey, she abstained on the Guinness. If she didn’t abstain this year…

Let’s focus instead on the news last week that House Cambridge and House Sussex will be separating, which we’ve been expecting for months now. After all four young royals were together last week at Commonwealth Day service and getting on well, there hasn’t been as much drama about the split as there would have been a few weeks ago when the tabloids were still trying to manufacture tension between the couples. This seems to be a natural progression as both William and Harry are heads of their own families now. But, also, going forward, when William becomes Prince of Wales and eventually King of England, Harry and Meghan will be an asset to him, as they are currently to the Queen and the institution, which Her Majesty clearly recognises. The Sussex popularity has been a royal advantage over the last couple of years – that won’t change when the sovereign changes. The whole point of being royal is staying royal and maintaining royal; it’s a team effort, at least for the next couple of decades, until Will’s own children step into the spotlight, which he and Kate are trying to put off for as long as possible. You know, we’re only 8 years away from Big G becoming a teenager. I can’t f-cking wait. 

Here’s Kate greeting Domhnall, the Irish wolfhound yesterday. 


Time to ask my favourite question: WHERE’S LUPO!?

Wenn, Jeff Spicer/ WPA Pool/ Getty Images

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