Princess Catherine went into labour this morning, right on schedule. As reported a couple of weeks ago, today was the due date. And today was the arrival date. Kate went into the hospital about 6 hours ago. Kensington Palace tweeted the announced 5 hours later. It’s a boy. A prince. A very punctual prince. 

With Big G and Charlotte, their names were confirmed two days after they were born. Probably it will the same with #3? 

All of this, of course, is wonderful news for the royal family. Kate has fulfilled her duty, over and over and over again. And in less than a month there’s to be a wedding. In Chinese culture there’s a saying: one celebration can block three tragedies. That’s why feng shui masters recommend for those who are running a bad luck streak to be around celebrations, to go to as many celebrations as possible. The British royal family is celebrating a baby and a marriage this year. These are ideal conditions. 

Today is St George’s Day. So on his name day, Big G was gifted a little brother. That’s obviously how he’ll see it: MINE! Both Big G and Charlotte were apparently born late and, seeing as #3 is right on schedule, I wonder what that means about his personality. Is he the one who’ll follow the rules and maintain order and help his sister clean up their older brother’s messes? Big G was born under the sign of the Snake, of course he was. He is such a snake. Snakes are natural leaders. His new baby brother is a Dog. Dogs are loyal and honest and supportive, suited to a life of service. It’s almost as if William and Kate consulted with a Chinese astrologer in their legacy planning. 

Media around the world gathered outside the hospital today when news was first released that Kate was in labour. Diehard royal stans, however, have been there for days. Look at these people. Check out the dude with the doll. That scares me.