Prince William, at some point, left the hospital today to pick up Big G and Charlotte, bringing them back to visit their mother and their newborn brother, Trey. As you can see, Charlotte knows her job, waving to the camera as they walked up to the door and on the steps too, just before they went inside, giving photographers a great shot. Big G, obviously, couldn’t be bothered. He’s showing us his back and with his hand trailing behind there, it almost looks like he’s about to flip his middle finger. 

When they got inside though, can you see what he does flip? Or flick? (Thanks Moni!)


Of course he did. Because he’s a punk! He’s that punk older brother who will pull the chair out from under you at family dinner. Or step on your foot in check. Or flick your ear, when he thinks he’s out of view of the media, on the way upstairs to see your ma and your baby brother. 

But Charlotte? She’s that kid sister who will methodically and patiently plot her revenge. Wait for it, G. WAIT.