The Cambridge Four arrive in Poland

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 17, 2017 15:50:49 July 17, 2017 15:50:49

Prince William, Catherine, Big G, and Charlotte are touring Poland and Germany for the next five days. They kicked off the trip today in Warsaw. I love the shots of Big G and Charlotte with their heads at the window on the plane before they came out to meet everyone. What are they told in those moments? “Look at all the people waiting, just to meet YOU!”

As you can see, when they got off the plane, Charlotte was pretty chill, happy to meet whoever it was that she was expected to meet, and even throwing up a few waves. Big G, however, well, he was in a mood. At one point, a royal bottom lip was extended:

Maybe Big G just wasn’t here to smile for the commoners. Maybe Big G isn’t your smiling puppet child just because you ask. Maybe Big G’s smiles need to be earned. Maybe he wasn’t all that impressed with Poland? That’s because he hasn’t tried the ice cream in Poland. I’ve had ice cream in Poland. It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had in the world. Lody is the word for it, only you’re not supposed to pronounce it “low-dee” but “luh-deh”. I go with the “low-dee” version, it drives Jacek crazy. Anyway, my point is, to coax a smile out of Big G, the Polish might want to offer some lody. Oh! Or kishka! Have you ever had kishka? It’s blood sausage. My GOD, it’s good. I mean it’s good all the time but in Poland, the kishka is next level. I have confidence in Big G’s palate. I feel like he’d be into it.

Big G’s birthday is coming up on Saturday. He’ll be 4. So another 4 years or so and he can start wearing pants.

Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

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