It hasn’t been a good start to the new decade for the British royal family. Their biggest problem right now – or at least it should be – is Prince Andrew. Andrew was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, the dead rapist pedophile, and he apparently hasn’t made himself available to help with US investigators trying to piece together Epstein’s crimes. He’s also been accused himself by Epstein’s victims of participating in Epstein’s crimes. Andrew announced in November 2019 that he was stepping back from royal duties but this past weekend, this happened:


Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on Andrew’s visit with the Chinese ambassador but some are wondering if this is a gentle toe-dip to test the waters ahead of a gradual return. Unless, of course, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and those representing other Epstein victims keep the heat on his ass. 

In addition to Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan’s Markle decision to no longer be senior members of the royal family has added to the royal family’s drama and the news today that the Queen’s oldest grandson, Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn are divorcing after twelve years of marriage. They’re trying to say it’s amicable but the Queen has to be disappointed that there’s yet another negative headline coming out about her family. 

Perhaps in an attempt to redirect the attention then, Prince Charles and Prince William, along with Camilla and Kate, stepped out today on a joint outing. This doesn’t happen very often – the two future kings and their wives at a public engagement. This time Will invited his dad to tour the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Leicestershire. The DMRC helps service personnel through illness and traumatic injury and William is a patron of the centre’s appeal. These photos are now being published in the UK papers, all like “two kings join together!”

I’m not really sure it’s all that exciting. The most exciting thing here is Kate’s outfit (Alexander McQueen). That tailored jacket on top is a perfect fit over the long skirt. This is a great look on her, a look that’s always been great on her – strong tailoring and polished lines. In terms of that razzle dazzle though, especially when we’re comparing it to what used to be the Fab Four with Will, Harry, Kate, and Meghan… 

Not even close. That was an irresistible, energising combination, that quartet of youth representing the institution. And so far, there’s really nothing that replaces it. I’ll tell you right now it’s not going to be the York sisters.