Prince William, Catherine, and Prince Harry attended the Coach Core graduation ceremony today in London, celebrating the contributions of 150 coach apprentices. This is the second time they’ve all been out together this week as Kate has recovered from the severe morning sickness she experienced at the beginning of her pregnancy. She and William confirmed yesterday that the baby, their third, is due in April. They also revealed that Prince George, their firstborn, “quite likesThe Lion King. Which was the subject of a text thread between me, Duana, and our friend Lorella yesterday that made me laugh.

Lorella pointed it out first – like, is it embarrassing that his favourite movie might be The Lion King? Does he sing the songs? Does he sing I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING?!?

Every kid can sing that song. Every kid… but one. Because he’s actually LIVING that song.


Then Duana, always Duana, had to take it to the dark place. She was alarmed that they show him The Lion King. That they let him watch. Because...the king is assassinated – wouldn’t that cause nightmares?

But it’s not just assassination. As Lorella followed, in The Lion King, it’s the Uncle who makes the power move. THAT’s LITERALLY BIG G’s HERITAGE. Maybe that’s why Big G is such a brute. Because he already knows the peril of royalty through The Lion King!

Lucky for him – or…lucky for him, AGAIN, since the kid’s entire life is basically luck – he has an uncle who wants nothing to do with the crown. Harry’s just fine where he is, in 5th spot, soon to be 6th, not too high but not too low, just right, with senior royal status but without the engraved destiny that comes with being his father, brother, or nephew. There’s only bonus to that as far as Harry’s concerned. One of those bonuses is Meghan Markle. Harry and Meghan’s relationship has already received a lot of attention – some of it negative, for sure. But it would be exponentially more if it was William and Meghan. There would be so much more anxiety. Those old pearl-clutchers would be stressed. The relationship would have to go through even more procedure and protocol and vetting than it already has. But because Harry is Harry though, both in position and personality, word is it’s happening. We just don’t know when.

Some are reporting that the announcement will come as soon as Meghan wraps on Suits next month. There are rumours that she’s told producers that she’s quitting the show and plans to move to London right after she’s done. Supposedly they’re looking for property together in the Cotswolds. And also, supposedly, Harry wants to have the wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Have you been to St George’s Chapel? Apparently it’s the Queen’s favourite as her parents are buried there. I was there a couple of years ago when Lorella was living in England. It’s gorgeous. And tiny. And that’s why they’re also saying that Harry and Meghan’s wedding won’t be a major event like Will and Kate’s. That it’ll be a more scaled back situation, still pearly, he’s a royal after all, but not super pompy.

OK but before all that, can we just get to the start line? At this point, after the few weeks we’ve had? News of a proposal would already be cause for a party.