Prince William and Kate Cambridge were at Wimbledon yesterday watching Novak Djokovic prevail in a five-set match and British player Cameron Norrie advance to the semi-finals. Tuesday tennis, Wednesday polo – here are Will and Kate at the Royal Charity Polo Cup…and they’re not the stars. 


Because their two-year old spaniel, Orla, was with them for the occasion – and this is rare. When the Cambridges first brought their first dog, Lupo, home with them just after they got married, he was seen from time to time with the family. Gradually though, especially after the children were born, Lupo preferred to stay out of the spotlight. Orla arrived just before Lupo died in November 2020. She too mostly maintains a lower profile which is why she’s the undisputed star of the afternoon. Look at her trotting along with her nose to the ground. And off-leash too. 

I mean they must really trust her if they’re showing up at an official fundraiser for their charities with Orla off-leash, confident that she won’t run off and f-ck sh-t up. We have two dogs (beagles) and they go off-leash on the trails, because they’re trained to keep moving with us but at an event like the polo, where you’re just standing around talking to people and there’s no forward motion, there is no way we’d be able to casually have then off-leash without them messing around and causing chaos. Our dogs are never still. So I envy the people who can just show up somewhere with their dogs sitting obediently at their feet, not having to worry about them stealing people’s food or yelling at the horses. That’s another thing – Will and Kate must not have issues with Orla barking if she’s there with them today. If only the photographers at the event would give us more shots of the true queen of the day.