Prince William and Kate Cambridge visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London yesterday to offer their support to the community and raise awareness about Ukrainians who have been displaced. And that should have been the story, the end. Only that’s not the whole story because William decided to say things. And one of the things he said has turned into a major controversy. 


According to the Daily Mail, who have been way up William’s ass the last few years, and picked up by multiple outlets afterwards:

“[While] discussing the conflict further with Ukrainian volunteers, William said Britain and the rest of Europe were united behind them. He also spoke of the shock at seeing war on European soil, saying Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia. 

'It's very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you,' he said. He added that he, like many, wanted to do more to help, saying: 'We feel so useless.'”

The comparison of conflicts in “Africa and Asia” to “Europe” is obviously gross. And William has been dragged up and down social media for his alleged casual racism. But it doesn’t appear that he actually mentioned Africa and Asia. He did say that it’s “very alien to see this in Europe”, and we’ll get to that in a minute, but there appears to be nothing to back up the Daily Mail’s account that he referenced Africa and Asia. And today, the reporter who supplied the Daily Mail with the account of what William said is backtracking on his own reporting: 


But remember the “invisible contract”. The Daily Mail is anti-Sussex and pro-Cambridge so their reporting on William was supposed to flatter him. The purpose of the report was to tell their readers – look at how wonderful and thoughtful Will and Kate were today in showing Ukrainians so much love…and somehow the reporter’s unconscious bias was thrown in there… by accident?! 

I mean, this is not new. This is not unlike the casual racism we’ve seen in global media the last couple of weeks. It’s actually NOT a surprise to see this coming from the Daily Mail, the same publication that called Meghan Markle “straight outta Compton” and has continued to bring big white fragility and anti-woke energy, often revising undoubtedly racist examples and minimising them with the intention of criticising cancel culture.

What continues to surprise is why the British royal family continues to work with the Daily Mail. Their racism just f-cked over Prince William. What was supposed to be a goodwill visit in support of Ukrainians has turned into a racism accusation. In publishing a story that was intended to highlight William, they told on themselves as racists…


And still… 

The British royals will very likely maintain their relationship with the Daily Mail. Even though their relatives Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sued the Daily Mail for defamation and called out their bullsh-t and the sinister influence they have on marginalised communities, even though they barely meet proper journalistic standards, William and the rest of the royals will keep circle-jerking with these motherf-ckers…

To the point where Duchess Camilla last week actually donated to Ukraine THROUGH THE DAILY MAIL’s APPEAL. Of all the charitable options she had, that are much less controversial, the future queen consort chose that one. 

And now, just a week later, that same publication inadvertently characterised her stepson-in-law as a racist. Good job, everyone!


As for William… 

While he may not have compared the war on Ukraine to the conflicts that have happened in Africa and Asia, the “very alien to see this in Europe” comment still isn’t a good look. First of all, check your history – there’s nothing “alien” about war in Europe, his ancestors were involved in a lot of them. Blood has been shed all over Europe for centuries. And we don’t even have to go back that far. There have been wars on European soil in his lifetime too. But also… “alien to see this in Europe” does imply that it’s not alien to see it elsewhere, outside of Europe. So, like, outside of whiteness, involving people of different ethnicities. In that sense, while the words “Africa” and “Asia” did not come out of his mouth, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch here to suggest that there is indeed unconscious bias behind William’s sentiments. War should be alien everywhere, not just in Europe. If it’s only alien when it’s happening in Europe, are you accustomed to it when it’s happening elsewhere?