Dear Gossips, 

Not starting the day with grossness. Let’s instead head to Finland, where Prince William’s been hanging out. And today he visited the Christmas market in Helsinki and ran into Santa Claus. William took the opportunity to present Santa with Big G’s Christmas list. Big G’s Christmas wish list is surprisingly short – there’s only one item, because this is the “public” list, and not the true private one. As IF Big G would only ask for one thing. Let’s get a close-up of how Big G filled out his form: 

A police car. Seems pretty ordinary. An ordinary wish for an ordinary child. Please also note how he responded to the question of whether or not he’s been “naughty or nice”. 


He circled nice!

To whom?! 

This is my favourite thing about today so far. 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Big G. I think not since his first day at school, right? There should be a holiday card soon. The Cambridges usually gift us with a holiday card featuring the children and Lupo. Time for Big G to reclaim the attention. Far too much of it has been taken up lately by his uncle and future aunt.  

Yours in gossip,