Dear Gossips,

Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle in 24 days in Windsor. What are your wedding plans? Are you getting up early? Are you getting together for a group screening? Have you planned your menu? Or are you actually going to be there, lining the streets? Do you think it will be more fun to watch from home so you can pause and analyse every moment? 

I remember the day of Prince William and Kate’s wedding, all of us turned into lip-readers. There was the moment Kate arrived and what Harry said to Will. I think it was, “Wait til you see her”, while the professional lip-readers killed the moment later on when they assessed that it was actually, “Right, here she is now”. 


Later, on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, it was all about the kiss and trying to figure out what Will said to Kate before the first and the second kisses. Many initially romanticised the exchange, reading that when Will leaned in for the follow-up, because the crowd wanted another as the first one was too brief, he whispered, “Let’s give them another one. I love you.” I mean, that’s the preferred version of events. And f-ck the experts who subsequently clarified that Will was a lot more succinct and unemotional – “One more”, before wrapping it up with an efficient, “That’s it, come on”. 

Looking back, it makes me laugh. Because in the moment, of course we wanted to buy into the emotion of it. And now, a few years later, given what we’ve seen of the Cambridges over the years, probably the businesslike description makes more sense. 

Can’t wait to see how it will be for Harry and Meghan. Harry’s the more intense of the two brothers. And he and Meghan, in general, are definitely more tactile than Will and Kate. What will that look like on wedding day? 

But before that, they’re still working. Here they are this morning commemorating Anzac Day in London. First it was a service at dawn (Meghan’s in a grey coat) followed by another event at Westminster Abbey (she’s wearing a black two-piece set) where they were joined by William, stepping out for duty for the first time since the birth of Trey earlier this week, who greeted Meghan warmly with a kiss on both cheeks. 

Speaking of Trey, at post time, we still don’t have a name. With Big G and Charlotte, we learned of their names two days later. If that same schedule is observed, we could find out today. Or, given that Will, Harry, and Meghan have all stepped out today and are making headlines, perhaps they’ll decide to wait until tomorrow so as to spread out the royal news to let Trey’s name announcement have its own moment in the sun. 

Did I mention my prediction? I’m thinking Albert, to honour the Queen’s father. There’s already a Prince Albert in Monaco though and I was wondering whether or not that would work against Albert (the odds favourite right now is Arthur) but, then again, there is already a Charlotte in Monaco (though she’s not a princess) and that didn’t stop them before. 

Oh, wait, but if Trey is Albert then it’s Albert and Charlotte, two in each royal house. So does that become an even bigger deterrent? Is any of this even a concern? It’s not like there’s a long list of royal names to go around. It’s always the same ones in rotation anyway. Like, what are the chances Trey Cambridge is actually going to be called something like… Rocco?  

Yours in gossip,