Some people evidently think this is a good idea - for Terrence Howard to invite people into his home and then, without warning, scare the sh-t out of them, like his own personal haunted house. I think this is a terrible idea. Because you don’t know how people will react in that moment. You need to consider that not all people like to be frightened. And that some people, when they are frightened, get violent. That would be me. This is why I don’t f-ck with this haunted house bullsh-t. I especially hate being touched. And this is what they do - they plant people to graze you around a corner or blow on your hair. And when that happens to me, I turn whatever I have at my disposal into a weapon. They tried this with me on our show a few years ago and I almost broke a chair in someone’s face. I can’t be the only one. How are they going to manage this on camera and with lawsuits?! (DListed)

Patti LuPone has some thoughts on movie stars coming to Broadway and bringing down the quality. This is Patti LuPone. So it’s not like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The example she’s citing here is Uma Thurman and her criticism is probably valid. But next time I’m hoping she singles out a dude. Like...Bruce Willis was on Broadway and, you know, he used an earpiece! (Cele|bitchy) 

Malin Ackerman’s dress does look like a beach coverup. And I don’t know if I mind. I think, though, that I would like it more if her hair was more beachy, if that’s what we’re going for. The curls are too tight here. And that’s why the beachy wave can be so hard to nail. The best way to do a beachy wave, in my experience, is to style the day before. With Malin here, for example, if this had been her hair yesterday, and then brushed through and maybe slept on overnight, the beachy wave happens 24 hrs later. (Go Fug Yourself)

Donnie Yen has been cast in the live action Mulan movie. I almost forgot that it’s happening, things have been so quiet about this project - and that’s not a bad thing. Let them do the work. Let there be no drama. Let them get it right. Please please please get it right. (Looper)

I mentioned Jennifer Garner being “single and loving it!” earlier. You know who else is living that catchphrase? Mel B. Or at least that’s the presentation. Sure. These shots of her in her bikini may have been taken without her knowing. Sure. Fiiiiine if you want to be generous. But do you think she’s pissed about it? (TMZ)

Did Prince William give away the sex of baby #3? I mean ...I feel like in those moments, spontaneous moments, that’s when you reveal what you know, you know? Which is why everyone is betting hard now on it being a boy. How will Big G be as an older brother to a brother? (Vanity Fair)