Kensington Palace sent out a release today, an update on the statue of Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince William and Prince Harry commissioned the statue back in 2017, the 20th anniversary of her death. July 1, 2021 would have been her 60th birthday and that will be the day the statue is installed in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace. 


While today’s statement was issued by KP, it was clearly noted that the update was on “behalf of the Offices of Prince William and Prince Harry”. A joint statement, then. And significant especially these days because all we ever hear about is their estrangement. They’ve come together in this way to honour their mother and, presumably, they will be together in person next summer, in July, for the unveiling. Is this a sign that, perhaps, there’s been a thaw? 

Back in May, the Daily Mail reported that the statue was a “casualty” of their feud, suggesting that no progress had been made on the statue because of the tension between the brothers. Sounds like the statue is progressing just fine and given the special day that’s been announced for its installation, that was probably the plan all along.

So what will William and Harry’s relationship be like next year? Next summer is looking pretty intriguing. If the pandemic is under control by then, for sure Harry and Meghan Markle will be at the Invictus Games in The Hague from May 29 – June 5, 2021. One week after that is when Trooping the Colour takes place – always the second Saturday in June so that would be June 12, 2021. I mean… since they’re already in the vicinity, and they have a home in England (Frogmore Cottage), why not just stick around, you know? Especially given that July 1 is about two weeks later, Diana’s birthday and the set date for the statue installation. Instead of crossing an ocean and a continent a couple of times back and forth, makes sense to just homebase it in the UK for a few weeks? What will or won’t be mended by then?