Yesterday Prince William visited Triumph Motorcycles and MIRA Technology Park in Hinckley. I know a little about motorcycles because a friend of mine went through 3 of them in 3 years. He started with a Harley and then ended up with a Triumph. Here’s my amateur assessment – Triumph bikes are way more stylish. 

Anyway, since he was visiting a motorcycle factory, William decided to get on one and go for a ride. It’s generally a sexy thing, right? To see someone on a motorcycle? That’s probably what did it for a lot of people with Charlie Hunnam. Or one of the reasons. 

So. Is Prince William on a motorcycle doing it for you? 

I can say, emphatically, that he is NOT doing it for me. I was about to say that maybe that’s because he’s inexperienced. But he’s not. Over the years there have always been headlines about Will on his Ducati. The thing with motorcycles is you have to have swagger. That’s what’s missing in these photos: swagger. And better pants and shoes. What’s this royal protocol bullsh-t that he can’t even put on a pair of riding boots when he’s on a bike? 

Here are William and Kate today at The Fire Station, a heritage building that now supports an arts and music program in Sunderland.