Today is Prince William and Catherine’s last day in Ireland and they’re in Galway learning about the city’s culture and entertainment as Galway is the 2020 European Capital of Culture. While at Tribeton, the Cambridges observed festival acts and other entertainment displays and William showcased what he could contribute to the circus: juggling.

I wonder what the pearl-clutchy old timers of 50 years ago would say about this. Whether or not it was beneath their station for the future king of England to be handling multiple balls in the air. No shade – I can’t juggle for sh-t and I like that he’s having fun with it. But, you know, we’re always talking about what is and isn’t appropriate and that word, “protocol”, is constantly coming up …and selectively applied. 

The thing with protocol though is that it can evolve with the times – and so it should. Rules can be relaxed, like the rule about selfies. As we all know, British royals typically observe a no selfie rule. Will, however, quite rightly, wasn’t about the protocol when he stopped during their walkabout today to take this selfie with a well-wisher called Jennifer and some other young ladies.  

So cute, right? Who can argue with the delight on all their faces? It won’t be long before that selfie rule goes away. Change just takes longer for royal people. That’s their eternal dilemma. Because while tradition is their whole existence, they also can’t be seen as inflexible. 

As for Kate, after two more green outfits, a dress and a coat for the walkabout, she changed into red for a visit to the Salthill Gaelic Athletic Association to try hurling. These are cute shots of her reacting to some of her shots… hits? What do you call it in hurling when you strike the ball?





These might be my favourite photos of her of all time. By now we all know how poised she is. But you have to have the candid moments in between.