Prince William will be Prince Harry’s best man. Which, as Michael K notes, is not a surprise. Given that that was the major royal announcement today, it means that we didn’t get the baby name. Duana’s been waiting on this baby name for days. Her post is halfway written. But they still haven’t trotted out that little easel yet. You know what Duana texted to me and our friend Lorella today though? She’s hoping the middle name will be Wilberforce. WILBERFORCE. Lorella and I told her where to put Wilberforce – which is exactly where you would have told her to put Wilberforce. Nobody needs a Wilberforce, Duana. God. (Dlisted)  

Bill Cosby is the conversation today. The difference between last year and this year? Last year happened before Harvey Weinstein. Before the Hollywood Predator Advent Calendar. That had to have been a factor, right? Did you hear how he reacted in court? He swore. It was a profane outburst. I read “profane” and I’m thinking it’s the way I talk. It wasn’t that profane. But it was definitely cursing – something he’s criticised others for in the past. F-cking hypocrite. What do you think Harvey Weinstein is thinking now? (Cele|bitchy) 

Mel B’s red sequined dress here is not…the elegance. It’s never the elegance when you’re using pantyhose to hold together the chest part. If you’re going for it, just GO for it, you know? And if they can’t make it work without the pantyhose? Then it’s not a great design. It’s a cheap sh-t design. That said, I’m here for this look. Sometimes a bad dress can make you happy. And it’s not just the message that’s emblazoned across it either. It’s the ridiculousness of the whole thing. I’m in. (Go Fug Yourself)

Thesis: Letitia Wright is awesome. This is not a thesis that needs defending. If you hand in the paper with the title page and nothing else, you would get at minimum an A-, at least from me. But if you decide to write several hundred words supporting that statement, as Kayleigh Donaldson has done, I will read it and give you an A++. (Pajiba) 

I’m really bad at these “celebrities when they were kids” games and you have to guess who they grew up into. And it always reminds me that so many of us don’t have the same adult faces. I don’t look anything like the way I did when I was a child. But this one was easy. I don’t even have to click on the “after” photo to tell you who it is. It’s Martin Short, it has to be Martin Short. (TMZ) 

A new still from Tom Cruise’s next Mission:Impossible has been released and it features Henry Cavill’s moustache. Guess what else it features? Guess what Tom is doing. What else would he be doing? He’s RUNNING!!!! While holding Princess Margaret’s hand! Which means tomorrow Star Magazine is going to report, again, that they’re dating. (Oh No They Didn't)