Princess Anne’s furniture is as Princess Anne has presented herself, which is unfussy. I mean, it’s not to my taste. But I think I might prefer it to whatever mason jar and candle sh-t that’s trending on Pinterest. Like it looks like you’d actually want to take a nap on that couch. When buying a couch, do enough people consider the nap factor?! (Cele|bitchy) 


I’m not sure if this was Linda Perry’s audition to be a judge on American Idol but if it was and I were casting, I would 100% put her on that panel – and it would be a much more effective way of getting me to watch the show than Claudia Conway trying out. Which is what they’re doing now. I never knew that Claudia Conway wanted to be a singer. But it’s another example of how new media stars always crave traditional media success. (Dlisted) 

Today is Tom Hiddleston’s birthday so the Fug Girls have put together a collection of Tom Hiddleston red carpet moments and point “d” cracked me up: Tom Hiddleston loves a prop. But OMG his hair in the first photo in the slideshow! I have NEVER seen that shot before. What is happening there?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

I appreciated this warning that we are going to have to endure another pop culture cycle of Jared Leto as the Joker again. Third best or fourth best at this point, I don’t remember. But there are new photos that have been released and, sure, he looks terrifying. But he probably also thinks he’s a lot more terrifying than you do. (Pajiba) 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas did The Cut’s “How I Get It Done”, one of their most popular features. I totally relate to the eggs thing. Eggs every day! This is also how I try to live my life, although this year, in lockdown, that hasn’t always been possible. (The Cut)