PEOPLE reported yesterday that Princess Beatrice and fiancé Edoardo Mozzi will be married on May 29. Beatrice was engaged in September – it was the one piece of good news for House York in the second half of 2019. British royals don’t usually hold off too long before announcing their wedding date. In Beatrice’s case, her good news was happening at the same time that her father, Prince Andrew, was making headlines for his friendship with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Between Andrew’s fat fingers and his sweat deficiency and his shambolic interview on BBC Newsnight and all the stories that have been coming out about the time he spent with that dead rapist pedophile, before he died under mysterious circumstances, there hasn’t been an opportunity for Beatrice to confirm the wedding date and venue and separate that news from her dad’s shenanigans. I guess they feel like they’re getting closer and closer now and also, maybe they’re just like… well… let’s move ahead on Beatrice’s plans since Andrew’s not going to NOT be in the news over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, at least not unless he cooperates with investigators and comes up with some better answers. Maybe that’s the problem – there are no better answers? 

Anyway, according to PEOPLE, Beatrice and Edoardo’s reception will be happening at Buckingham Palace but will be a “low-key” thing. Supposedly, says PEOPLE’s source, they’ve always wanted it to be “low-key”. They never intended it to be a splashy event. 

As IF. 

You’re telling me her dad, with all his airs, wouldn’t have wanted a big royal blowout for his eldest daughter? William and Kate’s wedding reception was also held at Buckingham Palace. You remember the person with the most talked-about fascinator situation at their wedding? 


Totally “low-key”, non? When you wear a fascinator like that to someone else’s wedding, you have big plans for your own. 

But there is a bigger picture. It for sure would have been advised by palace courtiers that a wedding extravaganza isn’t a good look for House York right now. And besides, now that the Sussexes aren’t on the royal payroll, there’s been a lot of talk that Beatrice and Eugenie will be stepping up to fulfill duties. Andrew has reportedly long been hissy about the fact that Charles’s royal downsizing plans meant that his girls had to go out and get jobs. Conceding on a smaller wedding in the hopes of a bigger long-term role is a strategic move. And of course they’re so adamantly telling us that the wedding will be “low-key” because they don’t want Andrew being blamed. I am comforted to know that protecting Andrew’s reputation (if there’s any of it left) continues to be a royal priority. 

So is that the next time the Sussexes will be in London? In May for Beatrice’s wedding?