Catherine Cambridge and Meghan Markle were at Wimbledon on Saturday together for the conclusion of the men’s semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and the women’s final between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. Royal Meghan was not the good luck charm, at least not for her friend Serena. Angelique won in straight sets. Both were gracious afterwards, the hug they exchanged was so sweet and so full of mutual admiration, and Serena got emotional during her interview, her voice breaking as she talked about getting to the final after what she’s been through over the last year. Meghan looked emotional too as she watched her friend process her disappointment but also go out like a true champion: 

This was the first time Kate and Meghan stepped out together on their own. They seemed super relaxed together, familiar, comfortable, definitely friendly…. 

..right up to when they were leaving… 

Call you next week when do the thing at the thing? Yeah yeah, maybe we’ll hook up before and do that other thing too? For sure. Byeeeee.

OK maybe not quite. Kate is not a “byeeeee” person. But it’s the first time we’ve seen them interact, without William and Harry, and you get the sense these two have spent time together. That they have started to develop their own vibe. I’m excited to see more of it. 

As for the outfits…

Kate’s theme dressing made me laugh. That looks like tennis ball print on her dress. Meghan though…

I do not like the long-ass trouser thing. It’s never been my thing, not when Victoria Beckham does it, definitely not when Jessica Simpson does it (if she does it, WHYYYY is anyone else doing it?!), and never when Meghan does it either. What’s wrong with a culotte!?!? 

The shirt was fine. The stripes are actually pretty great. But it was the right shirt on the wrong day, worn in the wrong way. You know why? Because it’s unpolished. Look at how the shirt bulges above the waist:



A shirt like this requires constant tucking and re-tucking and smoothing out. It works on Instagram, in a still photo, because you don’t have to move. As soon as there’s movement, however, the clean lines fall apart. These are the styling details she’ll have to figure out along the way.

More on Meghan and the never-ending Markle mess coming up.