The new issue of PEOPLE features both Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle on the cover and it’s all about their new friendship. Which… isn’t much. Not the friendship, the details. There’s not really anything here. Basically Kate will do everything she can to help Meghan. And Meghan is hardworking and funny and compassionate and she’ll be a good friend to Kate too. That’s about it. 

But I get it. I get that this is the story we want to hear. About their nascent sisterhood, about how they’ll bond, about their squad of 2, a new BFF-ship for the ages…unless the brother egos get in the way? Last week I posted about how both William and Harry, with Meghan, were scheduled for public appearances on the same day and the rumours that Will was frustrated by the split in focus – and then he cut his hair.

Will and Kate are currently on a four day tour of Sweden and Norway. Tomorrow night, Harry and Meghan will attend the Endeavour Fund Awards. That’s an evening event. Their first formal event. Which means evening attire. Which means a lot of us will be paying attention. I’m sure that won’t bother Prince William at all. Pettiness is for commoners only. 

Here are Will and Kate at various events in Sweden last night and today. She wore a surprising Erdem for dinner at the British Ambassador’s residence – I like it a lot, probably the best gala dress she’s worn in a while. That chartreuse is great and I’m always here for a high collar. And while a satin finish is never my favourite, print on satin is exactly how you mute the way the light hits the fabric, reducing the unflattering shine effect that this material can create. Great look on her. I wish she’d consider wearing more styles like this.