Prince William and Catherine were in Leicester yesterday visiting with members of the football club after the helicopter crash that killed several people, including the club’s owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, in October. Of course William is a big football fan but he was there in an official capacity, to pay respects to a team member of the English Premier League as he is the president of the Football Association, a role he’s held since 2006, taking over from his uncle, Prince Andrew. 

As you know, Kate made headlines this week because it was reported that Meghan Markle made her cry before her wedding in May. There have been so many stories lately about the Cambridge-Sussex relationship with particular focus on whether or not Princess Kate and Royal Meghan get along. I don’t think anyone is pretending that they’re best friends. But, again, as I’ve been saying, if there’s any beef, it exists between the courts of Prince Charles and his sons. Their wives, it seems, have been dragged into this because people still think that Girl Sh-t is the only sh-t, when Boy Sh-t can be just as dramatic, sometimes even more. 

During the walkabout yesterday, Kate was asked about her children and also their soon-to-be newest cousin. Here’s how she responded:


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It’s so good to see her – or hear her – in this setting: informal, almost casual, so personable. I like that shrug she gives right off the top of the video, just after she says, “We’d just like to be students again”. It’s so…not dull!


And when she talks about Trey Louis, and how she can’t believe he’s seven months old now, that he’s a “big boy”, it’s cute, really, really cute – and I don’t even care about babies. 

Kate’s showing us some solid game right now. I wouldn’t be mad if we saw more of it. One note though? 

Um, next time could we go without the bow in the hair?