Princess Kate stepped out today in London to open the new wing at the Victoria & Albert Museum. And she showed up in Gucci. As we’ve all seen, Gucci, for the last couple of years, under Alessandro Michele, has been the label with the most high profile celebrity patronage. Beyoncé wore Gucci all through her pregnancy. Blue Ivy is all about Gucci. Nicole Kidman’s double parrots , one of the best red carpet looks of the year, was Gucci. Ryan Gosling wore Gucci to the Oscars. Rihanna’s all-green Gucci tracksuit. All the amazing Gucci bombers that the fast fashion retailers are imitating and even Coach is imitating. I could keep going but you get the idea. And now… Catherine Cambridge. Does that help or hurt though? I mean, with all the other names I just mentioned – and left on the table – it’s not like Gucci needs Kate.  But does Kate make Gucci less “cool”? I had to laugh at that question. For so many reasons.

First of all, these are champagne problems. And it’s pretentious as f-ck. That said, fashion trades on pretention, so let’s just live here for a minute and go to the next point of humour: in an ordinary world, Princess Kate + any fashion line is supposed to be a no-brainer. But then there’s Middleton Style. And, well, you know. Like, take a look at her hair, specifically the back of her head. That bump. The bump that drops off like a cliff. It’s 2017. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is a supposed “style icon” wearing her hair like this!?

In other Kate news – there’s a new interview…about tennis! Wimbledon begins on Monday. BBC is airing a new documentary about Wimbledon and Kate is one of the guests on the show. Kate was pregnant with Big G the year Andy Murray won the championship. Big G arrived just two weeks after and she really wanted to go but the doctor told her it wasn’t a good idea

“I was very heavily pregnant. I wrote to him [Murray] afterwards saying sorry for not being there.”

She also talks about growing up watching tennis. And how her ma, Carole, has a big crush on Roger Federer. I know, right? This might be the loosest, most relaxed interview she’s ever given. Until we actually hear her speak. Our Wimbledon airs on BBC1 on Sunday afternoon. I’ll try to post the video next week.